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Step 1


Have you applied for housing with, or do you hold a tenancy with, one of the following:

Sorry, you are not eligible for Monkey support but check out our website for useful services and information

Step 2

About You

Step 3



    • English
    • Welsh
    • Scottish
    • Northern Irish
    • Any other white background
    • Caribbean
    • African
    • Any other black background
    • Indian
    • Pakistani
    • Bangladeshi
    • Chinese
    • Any other Asian background
    • Gypsy / Roma / Irish Traveller
    • Any other member of the travelling community
    • Mixed ethnic background
    • Other ethnic group

Step 4

Additional Information

To help us identify the support you need, please answer the following questions:

  • * Would you like to know where to go to get good quality furniture?

  • If yes would you like:

    • New Furniture

    • Re-used Furniture

    • Affordable Carpets

    • Decorating Materials

  • * Would you like help to get a better deal on your gas and electric?

  • * Would you like to reduce your bills by saving energy?

  • * Would you like advice on problems relating to your fuel bills?

  • * Would you like information about home contents insurance and getting the best deal?

  • * Would you like information or help with opening a bank account?

  • * Would you like information or help with opening a savings account with your local credit union?

  • * Would you like to find out more about borrowing money at a low interest rate?

  • * Would you like help getting out of debt?

  • * Do you need advice on claiming the benefits you’re entitled to?

  • * Do you need help managing a tight budget?

  • * Would you like support to help you manage your tenancy?

  • * Would you like to find out more about training courses offered by Monkey around finance, fuel and furniture?

  • * Is there anything else you need around finance, fuel and furniture? Please state below.

Step 5

Confidence Checker

Confidence Checker

Please answer the following questions with 3 meaning excellent and -3 meaning poor.

Step 6


  • “I understand this service is voluntary and give my consent for my personal details from the Monkey Registration Form (“the form”) to be held on a secure database and shared only between organisations within the Monkey Partnership (“the Monkey Partners”), with the Big Lottery Fund (or any successor body), with any body contracted to carry out monitoring and evaluation of the improving financial confidence programme and with other third parties specifically appointed by the Monkey Partners for the purpose of providing me with advice and support in relation to finance, fuel and furniture services, where I have requested this advice or support. My information will be used to enable the Monkey Partners and third parties (as referred to above) to provide me with advice and support in relation to financial, fuel and furniture issues and by the Big Lottery Fund (as defined above) and/or contractors (again as defined above) for monitoring / evaluation / reporting purposes. Provisions of any applicable Data Protection legislation will be complied with in the use and storage of my personal data. I consent to being contacted in future with regard to monitoring and evaluation of Monkey.”


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